Kelty Mental Health - A SOCIAL awareness campaign

Inspired by the goal of increasing the conversation surrounding mental health and raising awareness for available services in British Columbia, Kelty Mental Health teamed up with Thinkingbox to develop a #SharedExperiences social media campaign that increases brand awareness of Kelty Mental Health and its available resources.Focusing on the personal stories of those affected by mental illness, Thinkingbox created a compelling motion piece featuring animation and supporting narration that depicts lived experiences of those who have overcome challenges with their mental health. The content from the animated video was in turn distilled into mini content pieces that were used as part of a five week social media campaign, driving people to the Kelty Mental Health website and resource centre. Over the course of the #SharedExperiences campaign, both the organic and paid reach helped raise brand awareness among the core audience. In addition to an increase in brand reach and engagement, the Kelty Centre Facebook and Twitter communities also saw a lift in overall page likes.