shameless - interactive colouring book

TV’s much loved Gallagher family just got even more colourful and animated. With no shortage of dysfunction and debauchery, fans are in for a shamelessly good time.


Ahead of the season 6 premiere of Showtime’s critically acclaimed TV show “Shameless,” OMD Ignition Factory and Thinkingbox were tasked with bringing the adult colouring book craze into the digital realm. Utilizing the ‘70s influenced character art, the interactive colouring book invited users to add a pop of colour and animate their favourite dysfunctional but lovable Chicagoan. Actively avoiding an overly complex or involved user experience, the simple yet engaging GIFs captured the spirit of debauchery that fans of the show know and love. By programmatically animating scalable vector graphics, users were able to export and share their newly coloured GIFs onto social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Fans flooded their feeds with playful GIFs of Frank downing a cold one and Fiona having a boogie. By providing their legions of diehard followers with unique social content, Showtime was able to extend its reach and awareness beyond its core audience.

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