The Hitman's bodyguard

Inspired by the theme of the movie, the online experience immerses aspiring special protection agents into the world of the AAA Protection Agency and determines whether users have what it takes to be AAA certified or not.

We created an online experience that simulates the recruitment process for the world’s leading protection agency, AAA.

The website experience provides fans with a sense of what it takes to become a top certified protection agent. Serving back content from the film, the site allows you to interact as you feed the quiz with answers.


Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds, the movie centers around the strenuous relationship between the world’s top certified executive protection agent and the globe’s most notorious hitman. Once on opposite ends, they must find common ground to make it to safety on their journey from England to The Hague as they try to outsmart a nefarious Eastern European dictator who’s out for blood.


Lionsgate| Thinkingbox


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