Transformers WebGL Experience


To engage viewers and promote the latest live-action installment in the Transformers franchise, Thinkingbox partnered with Paramount Pictures to create a WebGL experience, bringing the iconic Bumblebee character to life. The interactive website experience matches fans to protagonists from the film based on their personality. In order to create a web adaptation true to the Bumblebee character - one of the most quintessential of the Autobots - Thinkingbox capitalized on his ability to communicate via radio. The concept was enhanced by playing off his nimble way of moving to give him the power to dance to the tune of top-charting, mainstream music hits. Having to reconstruct the character from ground zero, we leveraged modeling and texturing software to keep faithful to the original intellectual property. Meticulous retouching and texturing provided depth of detail to the finalized look. Pulling on motion capture data to drive Bumblebee’s dance moves, we perfected post effects, as well as animation timing and blending between dance and idle states. To ensure the experience ran smoothly and at the same time maintained quality, the design along with all animations were all optimized for web. A core production component was constructing the logic behind the experience. Answering questions in sequence, a complex decision tree was used to decode the user’s personality match. A hyper-personalized, Transformers-themed playlist on Spotify is uniquely assigned at the end of the experience and goes hand in hand with the character match. Thinkingbox also designed the official movie EPK, featuring WebGL components to incorporate live action elements as seen in the movie. The action-packed sequel debuted in theatres June 2017.


3D Artist
Motion Graphics